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Empowering women through capacity building, economic empowerment and technical support.


The fourth component of PEACE project corresponds to increase in self-confidence of women and their ability to independently participate in social and economic activities. In accordance with local norms and culture, SRSP started its interventions with a meticulous approach under the PEACE programme that paved way for other women activities in patriarch and religiously charged Malakand Division. To be relevant to local context while keeping pace of activities at optimum level, EU-PEACE developed 507 women master trainers to facilitate formation of community based organizations and undertake women interventions under PEACE programme. With this new women work force, noticeable achievements, if not amazing, have been observed. 6,036 women have been provided with basic literacy and numeracy skills through establishment of 240 Adult Literacy Centers (ALCs). To engage women in economic development and become an earning hand, the programme has constituted 91 Business Interest Groups (BIGs) covering over 7,830 women entrepreneurs’ along-with identification of potential trades.
In addition, women staff also identified 8,000 potential/existing entrepreneurs within women community institutions. Encouragingly, 7,820 of the identified 8,000 potential/existing entrepreneurs have been trained by EU-PEACE programme. On one hand basic enterprise development skills were imparted, while on other skills of existing/potential entrepreneurs have been refined. This resulted in establishing new women led businesses in Malakand division providing decent earning opportunities to women. Upon successful completion of skill development trainings, 6,001 trainees were provided with livelihood resources or tool kits to establish economically feasible and financially viable small scale businesses.