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By the end of March, 2018, SRSP plans to complete 643 community managed infrastructure projects and social sector services benefiting over 144,000 households. Under this specific component, SRSP followed a two pronged approach to improve basic social services; a) rehabilitation and improvement of government schemes predominantly in health and education in collaboration with public institutions and b) Identification, implementation and maintenance of productive infrastructure schemes through an active role of local communities. Following this approach, EU-PEACE has over achieved the target and initiated 659 infrastructure schemes with a cost of PKR 900 million with public institutions and local communities. This comprises 142 government facilities and 517 communities’ based small scale infrastructure schemes. These infrastructure schemes have enhanced access of 184,159 households (over 1.3 million populations) to basic social services in all 7 districts. Following RSPs approach, operation and maintenance committees have been constituted and their capacities enhanced in maintaining these schemes. The district and type wise details are presented in the following tables