Partners in Humanitarian Efforts

In last few years, SRSP has worked with various international donors including AusAID, CIDA, DFID, GIZ, SDC, UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, FAO, OSI, ICCO, CAFOD, ICMC, The World Bank, PPAF, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Federal Government. The long term relationship with donors, partner and communities is definitive indicator of SRSP performance, transparency and accountability. In addition, SRSP asset-base includes adequate/appropriate equipments (vehicles), a large IT infrastructure to support SRSP's computing, printing, networking, copying, audio/video and conferencing needs, established training and vocational skills centers and a sizeable library.

In terms of systems and procedures,SRSP relies on well established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that have been tested, audited and further developed as a result of SRSP’s extensive engagement with various donors and public sector projects/programmes. SRSP policy manuals are documented while SOPs for all major areas of operations are available and are upgraded on regular basis. As a compliance protocol for contracts and agreements, renowned agencies and organization e.g. GIZ, UNICEF, UNHCR, PCP, USAID and KPMG have reviewed and certified SRSP’s systems for management and internal controls. As a regulatory/legal requirement, SRSP’s financial records are also independently audited through renowned chartered accountant firms on an annual basis, while a robust system for internal quality assurance (QA) further ensures that SRSP adheres to highest standards for project/programme management, administration, procurements, accounting/book keeping, internal audits, monitoring and evaluation, recruitments/appraisals, gender polices etc. An in-house capacity is also available to support the full project cycle ranging from identification to monitoring/evaluation and impact assessments. SRSP brings significant experience in design and delivery of large capacity building and training programs; policy, research and institutional analysis. SRSP projects/programmes portfolio includes a wide range of development projects/programmes focusing on livelihood improvement and strengthening initiatives contributing to socio-economic development of rural areas. On human resource front, the current payroll exceeds 1000 staff members working at various levels at head office, regional, districts or field units. The core management, senior team members and professional are highly qualified bringing national/international experience with a diverse range of development projects.

The government of KP and Federal Government also recognizes the role, which SRSP can play as a civil society organization in targeting poverty and thereby fight one of the main causes of extremism in the province or in tribal areas. Together, the provincial and federal governments has extended one time endowment fund of PKR 700 million to build SRSP’s long-term capacity to deliver need based projects and programmes in the province and tribal areas. SRSP also recognizes government as an important partner in development though in its work with government SRSP preserves its independence and autonomy.

SRSP has been an active member of numerous national and international networks comprising Rural Support Programmes Network, Pakistan Micro Finance Network, Sarhad Micro Finance Network, Water Environment and Sanitation Network, IUCN, Pakistan Center for Philanthropist, Gender Voices, Energia Network Pakistan, Sarhad NGOs Ittehad, Education Policy Advocacy Forum, Social Mobilization Network, Gender think tank and HRD Network. SRSP has also been represented on a number of committees, boards and forums constituted at provincial and national levels.

In its work, SRSP is aware of and sensitized to cross cutting issues, which can be seen in its initiatives at field level. From poverty to participation, women inclusion, and undertaking environment sensitive initiatives are all evidence of its conscious efforts to support and promote sustainable development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Tribal areas. SRSP is also a learning and adaptable organization. Not only it has started sharing its experiences at regional level but pragmatic steps have also been taken to further enhance development effectiveness. Developing communities and smaller organizations in Afghanistan, sharing experiences of disasters in Geneva/UK/Australia, highlighting community based education achievements and revival of education system in UK, sharing dynamics of devolution with Bangladesh and Nepal or encouraging Swiss to develop and replicate village banking are few visible efforts of SRSP for regional and international development.

With a financial outlay of over 204 Million USD, SRSP in last 10 years has partnered with almost 50 national and international donors in the past ten years. These have been multi-disciplinary projects planned and implemented to address community needs. As a result, it has gained both the outreach and public credibility and the good will of the communities and the government. What it contributes in partnership is its multi-disciplinary competencies, capacity to work on scale, knowledge of the area and public credibility. This has been enabled after years’ long experience of working with communities and donors in a diverse set of challenging and complex environment.